Silicone tips

- Mar 06, 2018-

  First, the regeneration method When silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieve in use due to adsorption of water or other impurities in the media, the purification effect of less than required, you can regenerate the method to restore activity. After the adsorption of water vapor, silica gel can be desorbed by heating method. The temperature is generally 100-160 ° C, the pore silica gel is not higher than 200 ° C, the blue gel indicator (color changing silica gel) is not higher than 120 ° C, More than 600 ℃, usually 4 to 6 hours. Silica gel adsorbed with organic impurities can be regenerated by solvent rinsing or rinsing. Adsorption of water vapor molecular sieve, you can use the method of desorption heating: temperature of 150-320 ℃ for easy, 3-4 hours, the temperature shall not exceed 650 ℃. For the removal of gas molecular sieve, available decompression regeneration method (ie, no heat regeneration).

  Second, the regeneration should pay attention to the problem 1, drying and regeneration after gradual increase in temperature, so as not to cause excessive temperature rise rubber particles burst. 2, the regeneration temperature is too high will cause pore structure changes, thus affecting the use of effect, should control the regeneration temperature. 3, after the regeneration of the silica gel to be filtered to remove fine particles.

  Third, the storage of silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieve with strong moisture absorption capacity, it should be placed in a dry environment, packaging and ground space should be spaced, should avoid rain, damp and exposure.