Silicone use common sense

- Mar 06, 2018-

  Acetic acid type

    Vulcanization speed, transparency, but release of acetic acid during curing;

    Irritant, corrosive to metals, coated glass and some inorganic materials.


    Alcohols type TC

    Curing shrinkage is small, water stripping small, no corrosion on most substrates;

    Poor adhesion to fluorocarbon profiles, steel and white marble;

    When applied at high temperature, the reaction speed will be too high, resulting in the formation of small molecules of alcohol can not be volatile, and the formation of bubbles affect the construction quality.


    Off oxime TW

    Good adhesion can be constructed at the appropriate temperature, will not produce bubbles;

    Corrupt copper and mirror industry. And shrinkage than alcohol type.


    Use restrictions:

    Non-structural glue is prohibited for structural assembly;

    should not be used to ooze grease, plasticizers or other solvents on the surface of building materials;

    Not suitable for frosting or wet surfaces, long-term buried in the ground or long-term flooding occasions;

    Should not be used on painted surfaces, may seal failure due to cracked or peeled paint film;

    should not be used in places where it will be in direct contact with food or subject to mechanical wear;

    It is not suitable for construction when the surface temperature of building materials is lower than 4 or higher than 40 .