Six advantages of silicone kitchenware to replace traditional kitchenware

- Mar 16, 2018-

With the development of the times, peoples life pace is getting faster and faster, and people are paying more attention to food. As scheduled, the current food health is simple, easy to handle, easy to use, and easy to use. The housewife is more important, often kitchen maintenance cleaners are the most troublesome housewives, the most headache topic, watching the kitchen utensils rust, stains, grease, to lay a lot of time cleaning and maintenance work, affect the peace Splendid mood.

The hygiene of kitchen utensils can not be ignored. Some kitchen utensils are not clean because of the inherent material quality problems, or due to grease, rust, etc. Unhygienic kitchen utensils can easily attract a turtle, rat, ant, etc. The use of poor quality rust, wear, smelly kitchen utensils, food will be contaminated, food can lead to chronic poisoning, and ultimately the dual loss of money and health.

The defects of several types of traditional kitchenware

   1. Ceramic kitchen utensils

   Lead, which has little toxicity, is harmful to the body.

   2. Iron kitchen utensils

    Nickel, titanium, easy to rust, use rusty kitchen utensils can easily cause vomiting, diarrhea, physical discomfort and other symptoms.

   3. Copper kitchen utensils

   Copper-containing copper cutlery, using copper-containing kitchenware can easily cause low blood pressure, jaundice, liver failure.

The above simple example shows three examples. The kitchen utensils themselves contain lead, copper, nickel, and titanium, which directly affect people's health.

    "Six" advantage of silicone kitchenware

  1. A variety of colors. Can be customized according to the needs of customers processing, kitchen utensils more personalized.

  2. Environmental protection and non-toxic. Food-grade silicone products and the human body have good compatibility, safety and reliability.

  3.wear resistance. It is not easily broken or broken.

 4. High temperature. Can withstand 200. The high temperature of C is not easily deformed under high temperatures.

  5. Easy to clean. Easy and time-saving, convenient maintenance.

  6. Anti-aging. Long service life and strong insulation performance.