So practical silicone gloves!

- Mar 13, 2018-

The freshly-baked pork stew and the freshly-divided pork ribs soup had just been taken out of the oven and savored. But these were all hot and hot, and how quickly and safely took it out on the dinner table? At this time, you need a pair of special safety protective heat-insulating silicone gloves to protect your hands and isolate burns.

   How much do you know about insulated silicone gloves?

  The first, heat-resistant silicone gloves, temperature range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius, can do daily food container access insulation, easy to use, protect your hands from being burned. And the most important thing is that the silicone material is non-toxic, safe and healthier.

   Second, heat-insulated silicone gloves can be produced according to different needs to produce a variety of colors, specifications and styles of silicone gloves. It is not only easy to clean, but also soft and durable.

  Compared to the cloth heat-resistant gloves, silicone heat-insulating gloves are superior to non-slip, clean, and breathable waterproof.