Soap Silicone Mould

- Mar 13, 2018-

  Soap silicone mold is a two-component condensation mold silicone as raw material, is used to produce handmade soap, natural soap, handmade soap, craft soap, transparent soap, soap and other manual products.


  With super elasticity, super good mold release, good heat insulation, high temperature resistance, long service life, resistance to pull, good toughness, good softness, etc., suitable for soap crafts copy, do not change the nature of soap, with high tear resistance, resistance to burning The mold silicone rubber with good performance and many times of mold-turning; translucent or white opaque type after molding and curing; the mold making process is simple and durable, and the shape is fidelity.


  Super good mold release, gently stripping by hand, soap and soap mold to be separated, completely get rid of the mold release nightmare. No need to spread paper, no need to apply oil, and no need to let the soap be subjected to frost torture! A variety of hand-made soap DIY models, handmade soaps and silicone soap molds make your hand-made soap products more beautiful and rich, but also let friends love DIY handmade soap They are far away from the irritability of demoulding. Soap silicone mold is excellent in quality, success rate of soap molding, and service life.

   Simple hand-made soap silicone mold:

  Take a piece of handmade soap and place it on a flat surface. Lego around the file. Put silicone (1KG silicone plus 20 grams of hardened water) in proportion to it. Pour it down from above and harden it after 2-3 hours. Die.

   Storage environment:

  1. In order to ensure that the soap silica gel mold can maintain good quality and quality, it should be stored in a dry environment with a room temperature of 25°C and a sealed container. Do not touch with water or water fluoride to prevent deterioration.

  2. This product can be stored for six months in the proper storage environment from the date of shipment.