Stainless steel filter has a good fire resistance

- Apr 22, 2018-

  Spring fire prevention measures, air drying, wind, the general stainless steel filter is not easy to burn items, but also pay attention to the fire prevention matters, because fire prevention is also an event that often occurs in spring, all require everyone to pay special attention to matters, the first material must reach the country The standards, such as indoor ceilings, must be made of non-combustible materials, stored items should be kept away from the fire source in a cool, ventilated place, followed by fire protection in the process, and wire connectors must comply with the installation regulations The pipeline must be fixed well, and the fire protection of the stainless steel filter should be implemented with reasonable standards, otherwise it will be retained forever, and it can promote aging, oxidation, and virtual connection at any time, resulting in a short circuit of the wire, increasing the possibility of fire caused by heat, In the construction, the use of electricity should be strictly regulated, there should be no open flames, smoking is strictly prohibited, ventilation should be maintained, access to electricity should be prohibited, tools without safety devices should not be used, and the function of fire safety evacuation facilities in the house must be ensured. The implementation of water pipes must pass safety inspection and other work Do not install the width of the house evacuated, the fire must be fire bolt, alarms are in place.