Stainless steel filter how to anti-corrosion?

- May 25, 2018-

  Stainless steel filter screen is mainly used for screening and filtration under acid and alkaline conditions, oil filter screen for the oil industry, screen filter screen for the chemical and chemical fiber industry, pickling filter screen for the electroplating industry, separation of gases, liquids and other media. . Stainless steel filter should be how to anti-corrosion it?

  Dip, now a relatively mature domestic dip method is: powder dip method, which originated in the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed was originally applied to the oil contact decomposition in the Winkler gas generator furnace, and then developed Solid-gas two-phase contact process, gradually used in metal coating. So sometimes it is still called "fluidized bed coating method". The actual process is to add powder coating into the bottom porous and gas-permeable container (flowing tank). Blower blows the treated compressed air from below to make the powder coating turn to "flow." "state", become evenly distributed fine powder.