Stainless steel filter use environment

- Apr 27, 2018-

1. Use in the case of ultra high temperature exceeding 400°C

When the filter is working normally, the temperature rises due to the heat of the material being transported, and the strength of the forgotten tape gradually decreases with the increase of the temperature. The use of stainless steel mesh belts will depend on the temperature and temperature of the material due to the rotational friction of the material and the mesh belt. When the temperature exceeds 400 degrees, it will affect the service life of the stainless steel mesh belt. Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel mesh belt is resistant to high temperatures, so in the case of 400 degrees, it will not affect the service life, but due to different manufacturing processes The stainless steel mesh belts manufactured by various manufacturers have different service lives.

2. When the filter is exposed to corrosive materials, it will cause adverse consequences

First, the parts of our filters may become finer and thinner, leading to increased wear. Rust on ordinary mesh parts also affects the flexible rotation of stainless steel mesh belt hinges and rollers. When the stainless steel filter continues to work in an acidic or alkaline environment, stress corrosion and crystal force corrosion occur in the parts. When using a filter in a corrosive environment, the choice of material for the filter's parts must be taken very seriously. Whether or not the filter will be exposed to rust depends on the specific working environment. It is useful to have a good understanding of the anti-corrosion technology to properly use the filter in a corrosive environment.

3. Use a filter in a grinding environment

1) In order to reduce the pressure of the hinge formed by the pin and the sleeve of the mesh belt, please select a larger mesh belt.

2) When the mesh belt is exposed to the grinding material, it is necessary to select the appropriate conveyor type.

3) It is possible to avoid direct exposure of the mesh belt to abrasive materials by installing the chain cover.

4) Reduce the chain speed as much as possible.

5) Please use grease lubricant.