Stainless steel kitchenware standard of choice

- Sep 03, 2018-

"13-0", "18-0" and "18-8" are printed on the tableware, which is made of stainless steel. The number in the front of the code indicates the amount of chromium, while the number in the back represents the content of nickel. Chromium is the material that makes the product rustproof, while nickel is a corrosion-resistant material.If "13-0" contains 13% chromium and no nickel.Please pay special attention to the following contents when you purchase:

1. When choosing stainless steel products, carefully check whether the material and steel number are marked on the outer package;Whether to indicate the manufacturer's name, address, telephone, container hygiene standards and other words.

You can tell by magnets.Regular manufacturers typically use 304(18-8) and 430(18-0) stainless steel as forks and spoons, and 420(13-0) as knives. 430 and 420 are magnetic and 304 are micro.But the market still has a kind of 201 and 202 material to make tableware, also do not go up magnetic, but can use it to process tableware, domestic is controversial.Some people think, 201, 202 material contains manganese high, do not belong to food grade stainless steel.

3. Generally, stainless steel tableware of the same thickness and shape will weigh more on high-grade tableware than low-grade ones.But its density difference is very small, 304 stainless steel is 7.93, 430 and 420 density is 7.85, cannot judge by intuition.

4. It's better not to buy the so-called stainless steel products in the hands of hawkers at small stalls.Lay in the street have a lot of that kind of goods, the boss often in very low prices to attract consumers, in fact, that kind of things in most of them are false, real stainless steel products is not so cheap, because the price of the product are made according to the material cost is high and low, the light of "stainless steel" is certainly not edible grade of stainless steel, so big guy must not covet is cheap to buy those false and inferior product, can damage the body health.

Distinguish the choose and buy

To distinguish between

The bottom is drawn with a magnet. The absorber is 430, and the one that doesn't is 304 and 18-10.But the rim of the 304 pan, or the front and back ends of the spoon, can sometimes be absorbed because of the magnetism produced by the polishing.So the most accurate way is to suck the bottom.Domestic USES more is 201 mixed steel, material does not have magnetism, steel relatively soft!

The choose and buy

First of all, when consumers choose stainless steel products, they should carefully check whether the material and steel number are marked on the outer package.There are two kinds of stainless steel used in making tableware: austenoid stainless steel and martensite stainless steel.Bowls and plates are made of austenitic stainless steel, which is not magnetic.Knives, forks and other general use "martensite shape" stainless steel production, "martensite shape" stainless steel magnetic.