Stainless steel knowledge and advantages introduced

- May 22, 2018-

  With the development of technology and the improvement of people's consumption level, stainless steel cutlery kitchen utensils are popular with people. The reason for this is its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and other advantages over other kitchen utensils. Today we introduce some stainless steel knowledge.

  Stainless steel is made by adding a certain amount (usually 10.5% to 30%) of chromium element based on carbon steel. It has better corrosion resistance and heat resistance than ordinary steel. The surface of ordinary carbon steel will quickly rust, it can not prevent the metal and the media isolation, the external oxygen atoms will continue to spread inward, causing the steel to continue to rust, corrosion, and thus completely destroyed. Chromium, on the other hand, produces a strong, dense oxide film on the surface of steel, called a "passivation film." This film is extremely thin and transparent, barely visible to the naked eye, but it can isolate the metal from the external media and prevent the metal from further corrosion; it also has the ability to repair itself. Once it is destroyed, the chromium in the steel will interact with the media. The oxygen in the regeneration passivation film continues to play a protective role. In order to achieve the rust-proof function of steel, chromium content is generally required to be more than 12%. At the same time, in order to enhance the performance, in addition to adding a higher content of chromium in stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, manganese and other alloying elements will also be added.

  The proportion of different alloys constitutes different types of stainless steel. The standard composition of 304 series stainless steel is 18% to 20% of chromium plus 8% to 10% of rare metal nickel, so it is also called 18/8 stainless steel or 18/10 stainless steel. It is a stable and safe steel that is widely used in high-end pots. Compared with traditional pots such as aluminum pans and iron pans, there are significant advantages in the following aspects:

  1. Durable with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and fire resistance, longer service life than aluminum pans and iron pans. Therefore, although stainless steel pots are several or even tens of times more expensive than ordinary aluminum pots and iron pots, they are worthwhile from the average cost of service life.

  2. Stable in nature. 18/8 stainless steel will not have metal leaching during the heating process. It can be used to cook food and can eat more at ease.

  3. Stainless steel cookware has a natural silver luster, no surface treatment such as plating, do not worry about color problems, can give a long-lasting appearance of translucent crystal.

  4. Easy to clean, easy to attach dirt, clean and simple. Some delicate stainless steel pots can be cleaned and smoothed with just one touch. It is easy to handle. Some friends found that the stainless steel at home is still not very clean, especially oil, in fact, this is a matter of quality and polishing.