Stainless steel points need to attention

- Dec 26, 2017-

  Stainless steel antibacterial tableware refers to a kind of new stainless steel antibacterial tableware which has the function of killing or inhibiting microorganisms. The special place is the materials used in it.Antibacterial material more is to point to by adding a certain amount of antibacterial substances, so that the material has the ability to restrain or kill bacterial surface a kind of new functional materials, such as antibacterial plastic, antibacterial, antibacterial ceramic fiber and fabric, antibacterial metal materials, etc.In the field of health care, household goods, household appliances, food packaging and other fields has extremely broad application prospect, in today's higher requirements for environmental health, the application of antibacterial materials are more widespread attention.

  1. Do not store salt, soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable soup, etc., because these foods contain a lot of electrolysis

If long, then, stainless steel, like other metals, reacts with these electrolytes, causing harmful metal elements to be dissolved.

  2. avoid by all means use stainless steel pot boil Chinese traditional medicine, because the composition such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) contains a variety of alkaloids, organic acids, especially under the condition of heating, it is hard to avoid is not with the occurrence of chemical reaction, and make the drug failure, and even generate some toxicity more complex.

  3. Do not wash with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc.Because these substances are strong electrolytes, they also react with stainless steel.

  4. Do not burn.Stainless steel cooking utensils have lower thermal conductivity than iron products and aluminum products, and the heat transfer time is slow. Air burning can cause aging and peeling of the chromium layer on the surface of the cooker.

5. Keep the kitchen utensils clean, and wash them regularly, especially after the dressing of vinegar and soy sauce, and keep them clean and dry.