Survival of silicone products processing plants

- Mar 09, 2018-

  In the last two years of economic downturn, the survival and development of silicone processing plants has become the biggest headache for all bosses. So, how can we survive, Xiao Bian summarized the following points based on Bolu Silicone Rubber Products Factory, for reference only:

   1. To have stable production personnel: For the production of silicone products, if the factory has skilled employees to operate, the defects can be well controlled and the efficiency can also be improved. The overall cost savings can be achieved.

   2. Bad product control: In the process, IPQC's quality police role should be used, and the quality control system should be strictly implemented so that the entire silicone button production process can be minimized.

   3. Production efficiency: The production efficiency is very important. The sharing of labor costs depends on improving the efficiency, especially the molding part of silicone products. If the production capacity is increased by 10%, the molding cost can be reduced by about 10%. This shows that The importance of efficiency.

   To sum up three points, stable personnel, poor control, and improvement of efficiency are not independent, they are complementary and mutually restrictive, especially for silicone keypad manufacturers.