Taking Care of Your Non Stick Cookware

- Jan 24, 2018-

You can take better care of your non stick cookware by following some simple rules, manufacturer’s instructions and general tips to ensure it stays in great working condition and lasts the test of time.

Non stick cookware and bakeware can help you cook with professional results but it needs to remain in good condition in order to perform at its best. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts know how important it is to use their equipment correctly in order to get the best out of their cookware and help it last the test of time. It is advised to check with the manufacturer for specific recommendations but generally there are some failsafe tips for taking care of your non stick cookware.

Keeping Non Stick Cookware in Tip Top Condition

Don’t Use Metal Utensils – Using metal utensils on non stick cookware can scratch and damage the non stick Teflon layer. This can prevent it from cooking evenly and even nullify guarantees. Most responsible retailers recommend the use of silicone, plastic, nylon or wooden utensils in their non stick cookware.

Clean Delicately - After cooking with non stick cookware, wipe the surface clean with kitchen paper to remove excess oils and fats. If the pan is still dirty, wash as normal with warm soapy water with a cloth, brush or a nylon pad.

Store Adequately – Stacking non stick cookware in a cupboard can lead to scratches, peeling and deterioration of the non stick coating. Storing your cookware clean and dry with no other pans inside to scratch it will help prolong the life of the coating.

Heat Slowly - Titanium cookware should be heated slowly on a low heat and maintained. Using full heat continuously is unnecessary thanks to its heat retaining properties as high heats may damage the non-stick coating and release plastic fumes.