Talk about the causes of aging of silicone miscellaneous items

- Mar 14, 2018-

In life, the causes of aging of silicone miscellaneous items can be divided into several categories:

1, oxidation effect, is one of the important reasons for rubber aging. Oxygen reacts with the rubber molecules in the rubber as a free-radical chain-locking reaction, and the molecular chain cracks or excessively crosslinks, causing a change in the function of the silicone rubber product.

2. Thermal effect, temperature can cause thermal cracking or thermal cross-linking of silicone rubber products. However, the basic effect of heat is still the activation effect. Improve the speed of oxygen dispersion and activation of oxidation response, and then accelerate the speed of rubber oxidation, which is a common aging phenomenon - thermal oxygen aging.

3, the effect of moisture, the effect of moisture in two aspects: silicone rubber products in the wet air shower or soaked in water, simple damage, this is because the rubber in the water-soluble substances and water boils and other components are extracted by water Dissolved. Caused by hydrolysis or absorption. Especially in the effects of water immersion and atmospheric exposure, it will accelerate the damage of the rubber. However, under certain conditions, moisture does not cause damage to rubber, and even has the effect of delaying aging.