Talk about the hardness of silicone products

- Mar 12, 2018-

Silicone products based on the hardness of various uses are different, the lowest hardness can be done about 10 degrees, 280 degrees special silicone products! Commonly used silicone products in the 30 degrees to 70 degrees.

      Silicone products with different hardness will bring what aspects of the impact!

      1, kneading the change of intensity, low hardness products will be gradually reduced by the intensity, high hardness will be added, the difference of 5-10 degrees will have different kneading changes.

      2, the change of tear resistance, the higher the hardness of the product will be weaker the tear resistance, in particular, has a very simple product at right angles to tear, hardness, low tear better, different hardness of different tear.

      3, Tensile stress caused by deformation, Tensile stress is an important control of silicone raw materials, precisely with the hardness of a certain degree of correlation, different hardness and vulcanization process in the process of temperature and pressure control of the product pull up the deformation of the situation is important Contact.

      4, wear and fatigue changes, different hardness of the product wear and fatigue have different effects, the general increase of the hardness of the raw material with the crystallization of silica hardness increases, prolonged run-in will affect the wear and tear decline not wear phenomenon.

      5, different elasticity, flexibility is one of the important elements in the silicone raw materials, so different hardness of the raw materials for each different products have an impact, and ± hardness difference may lead to the use of the entire product, and even Affect every part of a whole!

      Therefore, many customers in the acquisition of silicone products failed to correctly indicate the use of hardness, the hardness of the raw material requirements and no requirements, but the selection of silicone products is likely to affect your entire product use, or do not understand friends can understand the silicone raw materials Hardness will decide resolution of hardness in the future!