Terms of Silicone Products Industry

- Apr 16, 2018-

Silicone products industry has the same special terminology as other industries. The following are common terminology for common silicone products industry:

Specific surface: refers to the surface area per gram of silica gel, including the sum of the internal micropore surface area and the external surface area.

Unit: square meter/gram (m2/g).

Volume: The total volume of pores per gram of silica.

Unit: mg/g (ml/g)

Aperture: refers to the diameter of the micropores inside the silica gel.

Units: Angstroms (A0) or nanometers (nm) 1nm=10A0

Adsorption capacity: Adsorption of water vapor to saturation occurs at a certain relative humidity of silica gel. At this time, the amount of adsorbed water vapor is called adsorption amount.


Bulk density: the ratio of the mass of silica gel to the volume of its accumulated space

Unit: g/l (g/l)

PH value: itself is defined as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration. The PH value of silica gel refers to the PH value of a certain proportion of silica gel aqueous solution after processing under certain conditions.

Specific resistance: is an indicator of the purity of silica gel. The specific resistance itself is defined as the resistance of the solution at a distance of 1 cm. The specific resistance of silica gel refers to the dissolution of a water-soluble electrolyte in a silica gel after a certain condition has been treated, and the specific resistance of the solution is measured by conductance. The higher the specific resistance, the lower the amount of water-soluble electrolyte contained in the silica gel.

Unit: Ohm.cm (Ω.cm)

Wear rate: An indicator of the wear resistance of silica gel. It refers to the amount of loss of silica abrasion under certain conditions.


Water does not burst rate: refers to an indicator of water resistance of silica gel.