The advantages and disadvantages of silicone spatula and other material spatula

- Mar 21, 2018-

Silicone spatula because of its material health and safety, shovel body is soft, does not hurt the pot body, does not scratch the coating of non-stick pot, get more and more people love the pursuit of healthy life. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone spatula compared with spatula of other materials?

                         Metal spatula

   Metal spatula advantages: high temperature performance, thin shovel body. Recyclable material. Iron pot with iron shovel, a small amount of human body to absorb iron is good for your health.

   Metal spat Disadvantages: Fast heat, easy to hot, improper handling of materials is prone to excessive heavy metals. Easy to rust, easy to scratch the pot body, especially easy to scratch non-stick coating, causing food safety hazards. Hard material, it is difficult to completely fit the pot surface. Metal impact colliding noise in use. Heavy weight.

                         Nylon or plastic spatula

     Advantages of nylon or plastic spatula: light weight, thin body, light use. The degree of damage to the pot body is lighter than that of metal, and is worse than that of a wooden shovel, which has a slight protective effect on the non-stick coating.

    The disadvantages of nylon or plastic spatula: not high temperature, in case of high temperature will release toxic substances, a slight misuse, there are security risks. It may be the production of recycled materials, and the materials are hidden in safety. Not resistant to low temperature, not resistant to UV, easy to age and become brittle. The poor environmental protection ability of materials has great impact on ecology.

                              Bamboo spatula

   The advantages of bamboo spatula: natural materials, safe and reliable. Light weight, light touch. The degree of damage to the pot is lighter than that of metal, and there is proper protection for the nonstick coating. Natural materials can be naturally degraded and have little impact on the ecology.

   Disadvantages of bamboo spatula: It is easy to be damp and moldy. The wooden spatula is slightly thicker, straight shank, not properly angled, and useless enough to use. The temperature resistance is slightly poor, and the front of the shovel is easy to burn black. Spade easy to crack, easy to stick food, easy to clean.

                             Silicone spatula

   Disadvantages of silicone spatula: slightly heavier than bamboo spatula, slightly thicker. The resistance to high temperature is worse than that of metal, but it is much stronger than bamboo and plastic, and it can fully meet the needs of cooking. Can not touch the open flame, sharp objects can easily damage the spatula.

   The advantages of silicone spatula: resistance to low temperature, although the high temperature resistance than the metal spatula, but the temperature of 250 °C can fully meet the needs of cooking in the frying stew. Low temperature -40 °C, anti-aging. Food-grade silicone, non-toxic and odor-free, no toxic home material is precipitated when exposed to high temperatures, and the material is healthy. Silicone shovel body is soft, moderate styling angle, can fully fit the pot surface, does not hurt pot, perfect protective coating, allowing users to eat at ease. There is no noise in use. Strong, durable, long life. Easy to clean, easy to accept, easy to mold, not easy to breed bacteria. Material safety and environmental protection, do not damage the ecology. Taken together, the new material silicone spatula outperforms other materials and is a powerful new force in the spatula industry.