The advantages and uses of metal filters

- Apr 22, 2018-

  The metal filter adopts multi-layer expanded aluminum foil net or stainless steel net as filter's special filter material, which is pressed into wavy net shape and cross-folded with each other at the correct angle. The multilayer fold expansion is based on different density and aperture. From coarse to fine arrangement, the flow direction is changed many times when the object passes, increasing its efficiency.


  1. Low resistance, repeated cleaning, high economical efficiency;

  2. High acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance;

  3. Safe, sturdy, long service life.


  1.Air conditioning coarse dust filtration system;

  2. Spraying room filter in automobile assembly workshop;

  3. Primary filtration of industrial air ventilation equipment;

  4. Requirements of high acid and alkali resistance, high temperature ventilation system.