The best way to identify the true and false material of silicone rubber products

- Mar 14, 2018-

No matter how defying and concealing colloidal products can not cover the thick compound quality, and most of the chemicals mentioned are then tainted with environmental hazards, and whether plastic or rubber can not cover, and silicone rubber products are different , But usually speaking of the majority of colloidal products or purely in a certain preventive psychology, so when it comes to here we must elaborate on the most practical method of distinguishing true and false silicone material.

  1. Color:

  Silicon rubber products can be deployed with a variety of different colors according to the international Pantone color allocation, so do not see any difference from the color plus appearance after treatment without any flaws, but the main thing is to see the rebound will stretch No whitish or translucent phenomenon will appear. If there is material, it may belong to ordinary material!

  2. Feel:

  Feel is very important, silicone products, whether it is stretching, rebound, deformation and toughness strength are very important, if you reach the above several properties are basically considered high-quality materials, the general role of high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone phone protection Set) and so on the product is more widely used!

  3. Open fire burning:

  This method is the most effective, the general high-quality silicone products after burning different materials and other plastic, white smoke will appear, the product surface will be burned white mist phenomenon, completely burned after the final white powder, completely The color is odorless, while different materials will appear yellow to the end of the black residue.

  So, when you can't figure out whether the silicone products in your hands are genuine, there are several ways to try them!