The choice of cake spatula

- Nov 09, 2017-

When decorating the cake, a handy spatula is essential. In baking, the spatula can be used to apply icing sugar, jams, fillings and a variety of sauces. Spatula has a flexible blade and a fixed handle, you can carve a lot of beautiful shape, and can be used to trim the edge of the cake, making the cake looks more perfect.

According to the shape of the spatula can be divided into straight shank spatula and crank spatula, while the same type of spatula could be different due to the length of the difference. Straight shank blade blade is generally stainless steel, flexible, curved blade tip. Crank spatula, also known as kisser, is similar to a straight spatula with the difference that there is a short bend between the blade and the handle.

This two types of spatulas’s function are similar, but the crank spatula is easier to handle when moving the cake or trimming the cake surface than a shank spatula.

Tartar size selection need to consider the personal favorite and the size of the cake. Larger spatulas can be used to apply plain cake frosting, and small size spatulas can be used to decorate cookies or cupcakes. Some spatulas on the market now also have a serrated shape that can be used to cut the cake.