The correct method of fruit cleaning

- Apr 19, 2018-

  1. Use rice washing water to clean the fruit.

  There is a saying that using rice washing water to clean fruits and vegetables can reduce the loss of nutrients. This understanding is wrong.

  Washed rice also has residual pesticides and residues such as eggs. This part of the water is also limited, used to wash fruits and vegetables will lead to a variety of pesticides mixed together, the concentration of pesticides is even higher, not only can not wash away pesticides may also lead to pesticide residues will be higher.

  2. Wash with saline.

  Washing fruits and vegetables with salt water is the most common method in daily life. Salt water has a bactericidal effect and can kill bacteria on the surface of fruits. This is generally considered as an effective method.

  However, scientific experiments show that this may be futile, because the main bactericidal principle of dilute brine is to dissolve bacteria proteins, but it has no effect on pesticide residues on the fruit surface, but will make some pesticides more stable.

  Eggs are very easy to clean, without salt water is also very effective, but the salt water wash will cause the concentration of water to increase, will form the role of osmotic pressure, so that pesticides more easily into the fruits and vegetables.