The difference between butter and cream

- Apr 20, 2018-

  Cream is a yellow or white fatty semi-solid food extracted from milk or goat milk. There are two types of whipped cream. One is light cream, which contains 5 times more fat than fresh milk. It is commonly used in coffee, black tea and other western-style soups. It is also used to make chocolate candies, western pastries and ice cream. The production of other foods; the other is a thicker cream, beat it with an egg beater, can be squeezed into a cream on the cake. In addition, there are also animal and vegetable creams. Animal butter is used in western cuisine. It can enhance taste and flavor, and it can make snacks even more crunchy. Vegetable cream contains no cholesterol. You can make ice cream, decorate cakes, cook soups, and make coffee and black tea.

  Butter is made from butter, butter and butter rich in vitamins a, d, and lecithin. Butter can be used to bake bread. It can be used in place of butter to make cakes, cookies, and a variety of Western desserts; grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled meat, or baked mushrooms can be scented before adding butter; it can also be used to fry fish and fry. Eggs, fried shrimp, or boiled Western soup.