The difference between silicone and silicone grease

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Silica gel and silicone grease are not easy to distinguish the difference between the two from the name of the command, many people in the industry are not very understanding of the difference between the two, the following Boao Electronics to identify the difference between silicone and silicone grease , starting from the three aspects of definition, characteristics, and applications.


  Silica gel is a highly active amorphous material that presents a transparent solid state

Silicone grease is a good material for heat dissipation and is a white creamy material, but silicone grease does not flow.


  The adsorption capacity of silica gel is relatively outstanding, there is a relatively high specific mechanical strength, non-toxic and odorless, chemically stable, can be used as insulation, waterproof, shockproof, high pressure and high temperature resistant insulating material, good stretchability.

  Silicone grease has higher thermal conductivity than silica gel and can transfer heat at high temperatures without damaging the grease itself. The main function is to reduce the heat dissipation of products with high heat generation.


  Silicone has a wide range of applications. Silicone is an indispensable component for the production of kitchen utensils, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, condoms, silicone keys, electronic components, conductive silicone, seal engineering, and forming gaskets.

  Silicone grease is not widely used in the current scope of application, and it is mainly used in PC computers. Generally, CPU, Northbridge, graphics cards and heat sinks need silicone grease for heat transfer, so that it can successfully put the CPU, The heat generated by the Northbridge, graphics cards, and other heat-generating components is rapidly transferred to the heat sink and plays a role in temperature transfer.