The difference between silicone mold mold and bulk mold

- Mar 28, 2018-

Recently the company received a lot of inquiries, many users have a professional such a question, custom silicone products, "Why also open the sample mold directly open bulk goods mold" Why waste time and money to open a set of sample mold? " The difference between sample mold and bulk mold:

   First of all, customers provide us with 3D, 2D, pdf or other graphics files for silicone products. The size or appearance of the products is different. When the customer has a special logo, the structure of the products must be the same, and the production mold structure is different. The production of silica gel products is not the same. If the customer is a newly developed product, first recommend the sample mold to the customer, the cost is low, the delivery period is short, the modification of the mold is convenient, all the modified data are to be archived, with the sample mold to the customer acceptance standard After the opening of large cargo mold.

   Second, sometimes, when the customer's silicone products require mold opening but no image files, then we can only carry out proofing according to the customer's hand-drawn artwork or the customer's first manuscript, that is, open (sample open) and use the sample mold to produce The product is used to measure the product structure size data, re-mapping the data from the finished product data, and then opening the bulk mold. If the sample mold is opened directly once, the product will generally be subject to errors, and only the sample can be opened. The mold can guarantee to reduce the number of modifications of the production mold. Thus faster determination

Large cargo delivery and guarantee product quality.

   Thirdly, after the customer puts forward the product detailed drawing request to open the mold, it will often need to modify the mold in the mold opening process. At this time, the sample mold is the solution to the problem. With the silicone product sample mold, it can be convenient for the protection of large cargo mold products. .

   Finally, the production price of the sample mold is much lower than that of the production mold. Therefore, if the mold is scrapped due to the modification of the mold, the lower cost of the sample mold is also a way for the company as a whole to reduce the cost by opening the mold. If the production mold is used directly, In case of mold opening, if damage occurs, it will cause unnecessary losses and waste to the company and customers.