The difference between silicone products and latex product

- Mar 14, 2018-

Silicone products are superior to latex products in terms of quality. In use, silicone products are more durable and less deformable than latex products, and latex is more likely to cause allergies than silicone. General latex products such as latex gloves, etc. Allergies caused by people wearing will affect the work of medical staff. Silicone gloves are not.

Silicone products are safer and more environmentally friendly than latex products and are also resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. For example, a pacifier. Silica gel is non-toxic. The most important thing for silicone teats is safety. After all, they are baby products. Latex is toxic at high temperatures. The average family uses hot water to clean the pacifier. If it is a latex product, it may produce toxicity, and the consequences are disastrous.