The difference between silicone products and rubber products

- Mar 09, 2018-

  The term "silicone rubber products" is often said to be a chemical combination of silicone products and rubber products. However, if you let everyone say the difference between silicone products and rubber products, I believe many people who are not in the silicone rubber industry are not very understanding. .

   First introduced rubber products, rubber products it can be divided into synthetic rubber and natural rubber, the structure of natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, it is produced through the processing of rubber latex obtained from rubber plants, and Synthetic silicone products are obtained by polymerization or polycondensation of monomers. Synthetic rubber deforms under the action of external forces and has the ability to quickly restore the original shape because he has good physical properties. Rubber products on the surface have car tires. , hoses, seals, tapes, insulation materials and other products, these products are generally synthetic rubber products, compared to silicone products, rubber products in the toughness, poor wear resistance, dielectric, corrosion resistance are better Silicone products, so rubber products are often used on large machines, industrial equipment, and automotive transportation equipment.

  Silicone products are chemically one-component room-temperature vulcanized liquid rubber products. It is an elastomer material that has been made of silicone. Compared to rubber products, many products used in life today have replaced silicone products. Rubber products, because silicone products are not toxic at first, while rubber products are toxic, while silicone products are colorless and odorless, and environmental protection, at the same time we know that it is very soft, but rubber products are odor, color, environmental pollution, in terms of price, rubber Products are cheaper than silicone products. The scope of application of silicone products at this stage is very light, people are involved in eating, clothing, and practice.