The factors that need to be taken into consideration when making silicone molds

- Mar 09, 2018-

  1. the choice of mold opening form for production mold silicone is very important, taking into account the convenience of mold taking, this is the most basic factor;

  2. the production mold silicone mold line selection is also very important, the choice of mold line should consider not affect the product's overall effect;

  3. open mold must not affect the product quality, such as the location of the waterscape series product line is too high, mold line when the material to be more, the product cracking is easy to appear;

  4. reduce process operations, such as open half of the mold;

  5. It is necessary to consider that the raw materials of silicone products will flow around. It is a good protective measure to fix the molds with wood or wood in a regular range. When opening the molds, separate the first part that is separated by wood and sludge. There is no gap between the sludge and the mold, and the surface of the sludge is smooth and smooth, so that the raw material of the silica gel product can not be prevented from flowing around.