The importance of choosing silicone products in life

- Mar 14, 2018-

  The case of accidents occurred against the mischievous bear children. Yesterday afternoon, according to the Guangzhou media, a two-year-old boy accidentally swallowed the spoon and swallowed it, causing stomach pain. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital for treatment. According to the understanding of the biting of the plastic material spoon is relatively hard, so take out the trouble, in order to prevent the child's digestive tube from damage using silicone products made of thin slices placed in the stomach will be broken spoon package was taken out, appeared This problem is also a matter of parents' choice of children's cutlery toys.

  Infant accidents are often unavoidable. Therefore, the choice of materials for parents in all aspects is very important. As early as abroad, silicone products are one of the companions for children's growth and safety, and they also escort infants' safety. Kitchenware has become an indispensable auxiliary tool for our family. Its soft material and good softness can prevent children from accidentally eating and leading to safety problems. It can also effectively prevent breakage.

   Many friends may now think that silicone rubber materials are toxins, colorful colors have enchanted your eyes, and many friends have no feelings of purchasing silicone life tools. Actually, it is not what you imagined. The products on the general market are all manufactured and processed by silicone products manufacturers. The silicone raw materials used are transparent, colorless and odorless materials. The color of solid silicone rubber obtained through the mixing process is the color required by the mixing of the coloring materials. Poisonous environmental protection materials, now more than 80 families have used silicone appliances, making the family more green.