The market of domestic silicone industry

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Although the domestic silicone industry is in the process of rapid development, the current domestic silicone companies are only located in the bottom market, bottom products, and bottom technologies. Currently, the high-end market is dominated by international companies. Companies such as Japan's Shin-Etsu, Dow Corning, and Momentive of the United States all occupy the vast majority of domestic high-end market share, while some large Taiwanese companies firmly occupy the domestic mid-market share.

  The domestic high-end silicone industry market has always been firmly occupied by international companies, and these international brands have a long history. For example, Japan’s Dow Corning Corporation was established in 1943, and the United States’s Momentive has a In the 80-year history, these large international companies not only focus on development, but also have rich corporate culture and connotation development. Now Dow Corning's point silica gel has an absolute advantage, according to the marketing staff of Taiwan's well-known silicone company Tianli. At present, more than 80% of high-power packaging adopts Dow Corning's silicone, which occupies 50% of the market share in mainland China, while Japan's Shin-Etsu silicone is positioned higher, many high-end packaging companies specify the use of Shin-Etsu products; Momentive's low-power 3528, 5050 silicone It occupies an important position in the market." It can be imagined that they have firmly occupied the high-end market of the domestic silicone industry.

  For our domestic silicone products companies there is a lot of room for survival, while our products gradually to the mid-to-high-end position is the future of the development of ethnic silicone companies, open the high-end silicone industry market is our national enterprise Future positioning goals.