The Origin and Different Uses of Bottle Opener

- Apr 26, 2018-

  The earliest bottle opener was created in Europe in the 17th century. There are four steps to open the bottle: Cut the bottleneck, screw the bottle screw into the center of the cork, pull the cork out of the bottle, and open the cork from the bottle. Bottle pull up and down. These steps require hard work. So the effect of the bottle opener is actually using physical principles to open the bottle to reduce the use of force. In some galleys or some large aircraft, the galley kitchen uses a mechanical lever opener fixed to a bar table or platform. These three steps are used to push, push, and push. The stopper can be pulled out in a few seconds. The bottle opener is the fastest. The bottle opener that we often see is not very easy to use. Sometimes it is necessary to pull out the cork. So what wine lovers should buy a good quality bottle opener?

    The most easily used bottle opener

    The head of the bottle opener is a beer bottle opener, with two levers next to the person's hands; the bottle opener is not so small, not easy to put in his pocket, and the cylindrical screw rod is also thicker, if not careful, The plug is easily broken.

    A mini bottle opener that you can carry with you

    This kind of bottle opener is comparable to mini and it is very convenient to put in your pocket. This opener has three small things, the first is a knife, it is used to cut the bottleneck packaging. The second is a screwdriver. The screw is more curved than an ordinary bottle opener and it is easier to grasp the cork. The third is the lever, which is used to withstand the bottleneck and help open the bottle with physics. The best handle is made of plastic or wood. If it is a stainless steel handle, Mies will hurt when opening the bottle.

    Can opener for vintage wine

The classic bottle opener produced in Switzerland, it does not have a screwdriver, but uses a needle, like a mini air pump, just insert the long gas needle into the cork and then air into the bottle like an inflatable ball. The pressure will gradually push out the cork. The benefit of this opener is that it can be conveniently used in corks that are weak and stale and easily broken. It is very useful for opening old wines. It is very convenient and easy for beginners to use immediately.