The origin of the cake

- Apr 27, 2018-

  The earliest cakes were made from a few simple materials. These cakes are symbols of ancient religious myths and miraculous superstitions. The early economic and trade routes brought exotic spices from the Far East to the north. Nuts, toilet water, citrus fruits, dates, and figs were introduced from the Middle East. Sugar cane was imported from Eastern and Southern countries. In the dark ages, these rare materials can have only monks and nobles, and their creation is something honey cakes and gingerbread flat biscuits and the like. Slowly, with the frequent trade exchanges, the eating habits of western countries have also changed radically. Soldiers and Arab merchants returning home from the Crusades, spreading the use of spices and Middle East recipes. In several major commercial centres in Central Europe, the roasters also organized the Baking Masters Guild. In the Middle Ages, spices wealthy people have been widely used all over Europe, but also enhance the imagination pastry baking techniques. By the time the nuts and sugar maggots became popular, the almond marmalade was also popularized. The almond marshmallow was baked in a wood-engraving relief mold, and the patterns on the mold were related to the sacred rites. The earliest origins of the cake came from the West. Later, it was slowly introduced into China.