The role of egg beater

- Apr 25, 2018-

  Egg beater is also called egg pumping and whipping device. It is the main one of modern kitchen tools. Due to different operation modes, egg beaters are hand-operated and electric. Traditional egg beaters can beat eggs, butter, flour and more. The egg beater is mostly made of stainless steel, which is convenient for cleaning after use.

  Whipped cream

  Creaming Cream is used extensively in western soups and pastries, especially sweet cakes can be made for cakes or eaten directly with fruit. Pour cream into the container and use an egg beater to beat it in one direction until the cream is milky and can be fixed properly.


  To cook many foods in Chinese cuisine, it is necessary to batter, like the northern traditional snack paste, carrot cakes, etc., pour flour, water and carrots into a container and beat it in one direction with an egg beater to make it into a paste. Can make dishes.

  Sieve flour

When making western-style cakes such as bread or cake, it is necessary to filter the flour to remove particles from the flour. Pour the flour over the screen and place a container under it. Use an egg beater to stir the flour so that the flour is filtered through the sieve and whisk.

  Beat eggs

  Beating eggs is what we often use when cooking. Using an egg beater to whip in one direction makes it very easy and quick to beat the eggs.