The safest way to use pot tips

- Apr 17, 2018-

  Nowadays, more and more types of pots are on the market, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. Only by understanding the safe use of pots can they exert their correct effects, otherwise they will be detrimental to health. Here are some tips for you to use safe pots:

  High-temperature fried don't use non-stick pan

  The non-stick non-stick coating is actually a thin film with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. Do not use a shovel during cooking to avoid damaging the coating. If the dry or oil temperature reaches about 300°C, the film may be damaged and the harmful component perfluorooctanoic acid will be released. The safe use temperature should not exceed 260 °C, and the frying temperature is generally higher, so it is not appropriate to use it to cook food.

  Stainless steel pot is beautiful and durable, but unqualified stainless steel pots are prone to chromium, nickel exceeding standard

Chromium is one of the internationally recognized carcinogenic metals, and acid and alkaline foods such as salt, soy sauce, and vegetable soup can be analyzed. Therefore, disable stainless steel pots for long-term loading of salty or acidic foods. Clean it with as little detergent as possible to avoid corrosion.

  Do not use aluminum pan to cook and pickles

  Preserved foods are generally strong acids or alkalis, and can easily react with aluminum to produce harmful substances. The use of aluminum pan cooking, or the use of shovels, collision and friction with the aluminum pan, may also cause the release of aluminum components to a certain extent, affecting health.

  The more earthy casseroles are safer

  Many casseroles used in supermarkets are bright in color and attractive in appearance, but such casseroles often add a lot of chemicals, so casseroles with a single color should be used as much as possible. When using, try not to use a large fire; even if you use it, you must first use a small fire to make it evenly heated, otherwise it is easy to burst.

  Iron pot is the safest

  The wok is our country's traditional kitchen utensils and is safer than other pots. In the process of cooking and cooking rice, there is also little leaching. Even if iron is dissolved, it is good for the human body. However, when used, it is best to cook one dish after frying, and keep the inner wall dry to prevent rust.

  Finally, no matter which kind of pot material, after buying it, it is best to use white vinegar to soak or boil, not only to sterilize, but its acidic substance can also dissolve most of the harmful substances in the pot, making it safer to use.