The use of silicone nipples

- May 14, 2018-

  1. The gum should be sufficiently soft, the baby's gums are very weak, and the quality of the material directly affects the sucking and feeding of the baby. This minimizes tooth damage to the child.

  2. Is the through hole large enough to make it smooth when sucking? When you buy, you can look at the size of the hole first. You can go back and try it out first.

  3. Generally choose a large brand of pacifier is more secure, do not choose yellowing or other color products, usually silicone milky white, colorless and odorless material.

  4. Pacifier Note whether the pacifier and butterfly wing adhesion is stable, the entire pacifier is greater than the child's mouth, so as not to inhale the entire pacifier, dangerous.

  5. The pacifier butterfly wing is preferably curved, and there are ventilation holes, so that the air circulation, saliva outflow, it will not produce chewing gum or eczema.

  6. If the pacifier is deformed, damaged, etc., it needs to be renewed. In general, the pacifier has only about three months of life.

  There are two types of nipples: silicone nipples and latex nipples. Choosing a good nipple is a responsible attitude towards the baby. Silicone nipples have a distinct advantage over latex nipples. The nontoxic and harmless silicone nipples have replaced traditional latex nipples.