The use of stainless steel cookware

- Apr 18, 2018-

【before use】

When using the stainless steel fry pan for the first time, the pan must be cleaned with warm water + white vinegar once, then rinsed with hot water and dried before and after being used.

【when using it】

1. Before cooking, please wipe the water or oil inside and outside the pan clean to avoid the yellowing of the pan after high-temperature cooking.

2. To avoid a long empty burning pan, easily lead to deformation of the pan body, affecting the service life.

3. Food capacity can not exceed the maximum scale marked pot, or control in the pot capacity of less than 80%.

4. It is recommended that small fire cooking.

5. Do not sprinkle salt directly on the surface of the pan. Add salt in boiling water or hot liquid.

6, please do not use the pot for a long time to put acidic or alkaline foods, to avoid corrosion on the pot surface.

【After use】

After the use of pots and pots, wash with the pot temperature, add fresh water and a little detergent, wipe the pot with a soft cloth or sponge