The use of various kitchen utensils

- May 29, 2018-


  It is elegant and convenient to cut the forks when producing biscuits. The fork squeezes the dough out of the biscuits, or pokes out the neat little dots. The cookies that are baked after baking are no worse than the special molds!


  Many people think that the peeler is the kitchen equipment they can't live without. Such as peeling melon skin, cucumber peel and potato peel, can not be separated from the peeler. Originally, peelers, table knives, and wire balls could be transformed into well-used peeling artifacts. Just like the towel gourd, the loofah still retains a layer of verdant tender skin. The loofah that is fried out of the cloud will keep the green color fixed and black, and the taste is also better.


  I heard that this is a cheat for chefs. Those beautiful egg soups are produced on the secret weapon of a colander. Drip the egg liquid slowly into the soup through the colander, and the eggs that are slowly shot are even and fine.

  Plastic wrap

  Every time after the meal is finished, the greasy stains on the cooktop are rubbed and unclean. Here is a degreasing artifact - cling film. Remove the cling film and knead it in place. Take the rags and wipe off the oil. Allow the cooktop to shine brightly. And wipe the direct discard, but also save the difficulty of the dish cloth.