Types of Serving Spoons

- May 03, 2018-

  Sugar Spoon

  The sugar spoon is slightly larger than the salt spoon with a short handle and a bowl classically molded from a sea shell. The sugar spoon accompanies the sugar bowl or basin, and is used for scooping sugar into drinks and onto desserts while never coming into contact with the food.

  Wooden Spoon

  The wooden spoon, as its name implies, is made of wood and used for preparation and stirring of delicate and natural foods. It is believed that metal can taint the taste of delicate foods, so a wooden spoon is often used as an alternative. Wooden spoons are typically the shape of serving spoons and table spoons.


  A stirrer is a long utensil with a small bowl or knob on the end, typically provided to each guest at a dining table. The stirrer is used to mix sugar into drinks such as lemonade and tea. A larger version of the stirrer found in the kitchen is commonly used to stir delicate soups as not to damage the ingredients.