Weight algorithm for silicone products

- Mar 29, 2018-

The quotation for silicone products in the rubber and plastics industry is a topic of concern for many friends. Both liquid silicone and solid silicone rubber do not use the same processes as rubber and plastic materials and other industries. The processing methods used and the processes involved are complex, except for personnel and machines. Outside the station, different processes and special processes are required for the raw materials and molds of the product. Therefore, we all know that the accounting of prices needs to be considered from various aspects to ensure that products can be reasonably co-operated before they can be processed. If no cooperation between the two parties can achieve a win-win result together?

Such as: I have a length of 14cm, an inner diameter of 1.5cm, a thickness of 0.5cm tubular silicone products, how can I calculate its weight

The volume, the proportion of silica gel generally do 1.15g/cm3 calculation. The volume of the tube is the volume of the outer circle minus the volume of the inner circle. πr?? * The length of the long outer circle = 3.14*(1.5+0.5)??*14=175.84cm3 Inner circle = 3.14*1.5??*14=98.91cm3 Volume of tube=175.84-98.91=76.93cm3 Weight is 76.93*0.8=61.55g

Speaking of the price calculation of silica gel, the first product is the most important in terms of weight. If there is no weight in the silicone rubber products industry, no one will accurately report the exact price, so many times when many inquiries and customers need to quote Need 3D drawings or samples to calculate the weight of the product, for the product's calculation method, the product volume is generally used × silica gel density to get the weight of the product, the density in the silicone product industry knows, the density is 0.0012, if we use The density of silica gel multiplied by the volume of the product If the weight of the mail is not the weight of silica gel, then the product can basically be determined not to be made of silica gel, so the density of silica gel can not only confirm the weight of the product but also know whether it belongs to the quality of silica gel.

After the calculation of the weight is completed, how many molds can be opened in comparison with the mold to see how many molds are added to the weight of the product and the weight of the flash, how much the raw material is used, the vulcanization time, and whether the processing is smooth. Accounting is completed to see the profits of the silicone product manufacturers to ensure that the products can be processed to calculate a reasonable price for the customer, so the product quote is not only related to weight, but also the factors and human factors outside the machine. The key to the intermediate production process and solving major product quality problems. Therefore, it is not only the growth and operation of the machine, the accuracy of the mold, and the enhancement of the operating technology and quality of the operator and quality control personnel that meet certain requirements.