What are the causes of white foam in silicone products?

- Mar 19, 2018-

Silicone products are widely used in various industries, making the development of the silicone industry more and more prosperous, more and more people in life use silicone products, silicone products can be seen by many consumers of all ages, we as silicone products factory should do a good quality silicone products, So what are the causes of white foam in silicone products?

Silicone products have many bad appearance factors! There are a lot of common appearances that are often returned or reworked by the customer. The appearance of the product must cause damage to the manufacturer. In terms of the quality of silicone, we can judge from the five aspects of wear resistance, elasticity, fatigue resistance, tear strength and tensile strength, hardness and tensile stress. Is it a good product in life? Which silicone products are annoying to the manufacturer's boss because of the appearance?

White bubbles appear in the product, and the inside of the dissected product is empty or white foam. The main reasons for this are the presence of air in the silicone material, and the release of pressure in the high-temperature and high-pressure vulcanization process causes the air in the product to expand, or The vulcanization time is too long or too short, the molding temperature is too high, and the exhaustion times are too high. The second reason is the lack of material. Some silicone product plant workers do not evenly emboss the material before molding, and many have The less, resulting in the lack of material processed. In the vulcanization process, the vulcanization temperature is too high and the machine tool pressure is too small to cause the product to be poor. If the molding temperature is too high during the processing, the curing of the silicone rubber compound will be accelerated, and the flow properties of the silicone rubber compound in the forming mold will be reduced, which will result in a smaller size of the silicone product and a thicker thickness resulting in a poor quality.