What Are the Different Types of Cake Pan Molds?

- May 11, 2018-

  Cake pan molds are an excellent, easy way to make cakes in different, fun shapes for holidays or birthdays. They are available in hundreds of different shapes, from popular cartoon characters to animals, as well as specific holiday themes or even the basic birthday numbers. Typically, they are made of either non-stick aluminum or silicone, though some older cake pan molds may be made of tin. These molds will usually take a little bit of extra decorating effort to make the cake look like the intended shape and design, but many people find they are a fun way to add a special touch to a party or meal.

  The most common cake pan molds are those that are made in the shape of various numbers to indicate a birthday. These are easier to frost as well, since they do not require drawing on any extra cartoon character features, or other details. These are similar in design to a sheet cake, simply with a different shape. Other novelty cake pan molds are available in a wide variety of shapes, such as snowmen for the holidays, pumpkins for Halloween, or various animals. Molds might also be available to match certain interests; for instance, a cake in the shape of a football, a guitar, or an airplane might be able to be created with a cake pan mold, among many, many other hobby options.

  These are frequently also used for baby showers or wedding showers. A cake in the shape of a baby bottle or a buggy, for instance, can be a great addition to the party. Others may be made in the shape of wedding bells or a wedding dress. Regardless of the shape of the cake pan molds used, it is important to remember that they will still need to be decorated, usually with a variety of frosting colors. This can take a lot of extra time, and will typically require some cake-decorating skill.

  The materials used to make cake pan molds are generally the standard ones used for baking. Aluminum is the most popular; though it is designed to be non-stick, it is generally still a good idea to apply a non-stick baking spray to ensure that smaller details are not lost on more intricate cakes. Silicone cake pan molds are popular as well, particular for shaped cakes, as these are easier to bend and remove the cake without damaging it. They also cool off a bit more quickly than aluminum.