What Are the Different Types of Cake Serving Sets?

- May 12, 2018-

  Cake serving sets will normally include a knife and a flat cake server, and are used at weddings or other fancy events. They are often given as an advance gift to the bride and groom, such as at a bridal shower, because they are something timeless that the couple can use not just at the wedding, but for the rest of their lives. Other couples will purchase cake serving sets themselves, in order to get it personalized with their names and the wedding date, for example. An item like this could even be passed down to children later in life.

  In most cases, cake serving sets are made of sterling silver or stainless steel, because these materials hold up well over time. Sterling silver cake serving sets will need to be polished regularly with silver polish to ensure that they do not become tarnished, while stainless steel will not require this type of care. If the set will be engraved, typically it will be engraved on the flat blade of the cake server; some couples choose to have names and dates engraved on both the server and the knife, but typically it is just one or the other.

  Where the materials differ among cake serving sets are the various handle choices. Though classic silver handles are popular, other choices such as pearl, gold-plated or porcelain are excellent options as well. Some handles are made of glass, or decorated with crystals to give them a more colorful appearance. These can all make good gifts, but it is helpful to consider the theme of the wedding and the personalities of the bride and groom, and whether they prefer more classic decor, or would like something that specifically matches the theme of the wedding. Further customization of cake serving sets is available for couples who really want the set to match the rest of the decor at the wedding, or the home.

  Shaped handles are popular; these may be designed to look like a heart, or may be formed in the shape of a Celtic knot, for example. Others may be decorated with seashells for a beach theme. There are virtually limitless options for different styles of cake serving sets. Though weddings are the most popular time these are purchased, it is certainly not the only choice; some people purchase customized ones for other particularly important occasions, or simply for utilitarian use, if they frequently host a lot of parties.