What are the elements of aging silicone products?

- Mar 29, 2018-

Excellent product features, non-toxic and tasteless, high and low temperature resistance that we must think of is a silicone product, the whole function is really so successful? For silicone products, excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, Safety, transparency, high-strength, flame retardancy and other characteristics, but some of the factors such as the use of goods and products, the environment, users will continue to be aging in the long-term use of the future, then silicone products are aging what are the reasons? ?

First of all, the aging of silicone products is very much, although the raw material function is outstanding, but the long time is not the same in the same category, so the time of aging is not the same, there are some in the high temperature local use is to show the aging scene on the comparison immediately, such as a long time Years without the timely exchange of cracks will appear, in the industrial manufacturing side temperature reaches a certain height, silicone parts will improve the effect of oxygen diffusion to accelerate the oxidation of silicone rubber raw materials, which is our common thermal effect, resulting in aging deformation of silicone rubber One of the more common sights, so in the application process should be kept for a long time the modulation of climate temperature, proper watering and cooling and so on.

There are also many chemical reverberation effects, such as ozone. Ozone does not only have an impact on the aging of silica gel, but also has an impact on various aspects of human air. With respect to silicone finished products, ozone is exposed to moist weather and environmental concerns. The impact is even greater, and in that environment for a long period of time will cause the silica gel raw material to age directly and present cracks. When oxygen reacts to silicone rubber, it will also change the functions of the silicone rubber, reduce the use of functions, etc. , It is also an important factor for the aging effect of silicone rubber, there are many chemical reactions and other factors in the silicone product manufacturers to affect the function of silicone products.