What are the kitchen utensils in your home?

- Mar 22, 2018-

    What are the kitchen utensils in your home? Of the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is one of the best. Not only because it is odorless, non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and resist cold features, and silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen and aging, light and aging resistance as well as mildew resistance, chemical stability. Due to these excellent properties, silicone rubber has achieved a very wide range of important applications in modern medicine.

   Over the years, hospitals, research institutes, and factories have collaborated to successfully manufacture a variety of silicone rubber medical products. Do not say we all know the use of medicine and beauty, do not say every baby bottle pacifier and the car inside the mobile phone anti-skid pad, etc., today we just say what your kitchen is silicone products.

    Go home tonight and go to your own kitchen living room to see what your kitchen utensils are all silicone. Suggestions for you: If you don't want silicone materials, remember to switch quickly. Don't ask why. It's just for the health of you and your family.

    Return to the following questions, we have to look at the silicone material kitchen which are: silicone cake pan, silicone bakeware, silicone egg omelet, silicone tray, silicone ice tray, silicone gloves, silicone peeling garlic, silicone brush , silicone cup cover, silicone maple coaster, silicone placemat, silicone spatula, silicone oil scraping utensils, silicone scraper, silicone bowl, silicone ice hockey, silicone lid, silicone folding filter spoon ···