What are the main reasons for the adsorption of dust on silicone products?

- Mar 14, 2018-

Silicone material can be divided into different roles in performance, and the adsorption performance is the essence of silicone material, so silicone rubber synthesis and production of silicon rubber solid material into silicone rubber products and compound products have strong adsorption capacity, so silicone products There is a high probability of the material adsorbing dust and debris around it. The result of the vulcanization molding of the silicone product manufacturer has this phenomenon. It depends mainly on what causes the adsorption of peripheral substances.

Silica gel desiccant must have been heard, it is because the main component of silica gel material silica and water glass solution is added to the hydroxyl group on the silanol group (as the main adsorption) has a strong adsorption strength, In the desiccant use can be absorbed 70% of the proportion, in the silicone rubber material is solid, white or milky white fine-grained glue which has a strong adsorption strength to the dust of the surrounding environment has a strong adsorption strength!

Adsorption force is the main reason that silica gel products adhere to dust, but the method of reducing the adsorption force and sticking dust belongs to different processes. The raw material of organic silicon is anodized, and some of its materials can be used as various chemical auxiliary materials in inorganic silicon and organic silicon. , In order to reduce the adsorption force of silica gel can reduce the silicon chain in the silicone material structure, can be mixed in the raw material while adding a lot of moisture to destroy the adsorption strength of the silicon hydroxyl, reducing the active proportion of silica adsorption!

The main solution for sticky dust is the silicone products company to do, after the completion of product processing, some products with strict appearance can be sprayed with anti-static oil to reduce the adsorption strength, while the silicone rubber material has different effects on the adsorption process. Different benefits, of course, different products have different roles, for consumer purchases of daily necessities, gifts and the like are best dust-proof electrostatic oil, and industrial accessories and electronic accessories are not necessary!