What are the quality factors affecting silicone products?

- Mar 20, 2018-

  First, the quality of silica gel raw materials is not good, performance is poor, toughness is not good, then it will easily lead to the situation of cracking, so the silicone raw material must be a good off;

  Second, silicone products in the vulcanization process is not complete, when the molding temperature is too low or vulcanization time is too short, it will cause the product is close to the mold is not easy to release, it is relatively easy to break, and may also appear In other conditions, it is necessary to increase the molding temperature or increase the curing time in the curing process.

  Third, the molding temperature of silicone products is too high, the temperature is too high will make silicone products become brittle during molding, easy to break when demoulding, it is prone to cracking, so appropriate to reduce the molding temperature;

  Fourth, the surface of silicone mold molding mold is too rough or accumulation of dirt, then it is not conducive to demoulding, it will also cause cracking, only need to clear the mold or plating!

  Fifth, Occasionally, because the operator's operation method for demoulding is irregular, it will be more prone to many problems. Therefore, it is necessary for the demoulding operator to have professional operation training. Breaking silicone products is inevitable. We can, however, reduce the percentage of defective products caused by cracking through our good practices. Generally, silicone rubber products in broken silicone products account for most of the miscellaneous items, so they must be used in the production process. Pay attention to these aspects.