What are the reasons for the lack of elasticity of silicone products?

- Mar 19, 2018-

Silica products in the molding process will notice some unpleasant phenomena. For example, silicone products have poor elasticity. Some of the more frequently used silicone parts have certain requirements on the tensile strength and toughness, and the product mainly needs his tensile strength to maintain. Therefore, in some manufacturing industries, once the silicone material used in the machinery industry is insufficient in pull strength, the springback damping effect will fail, and the other properties of the product will be useless.

Therefore, the operation of the personnel in the molding process, the modulation of the machine bed, and the cooperation of the raw materials are the keys to product toughness and poor quality.

For raw materials, ordinary silica gel will have some problems, such as poor service life, poor toughness, and lack of rebound. Addition of too much silicone oil to silica gel raw materials and white carbon cause confusion in the production performance. Silicon atoms in the silicone resin are destroyed, the softness decreases, and the viscous phenomenon occurs. The flexibility does not flow, resulting in the pulling force of the product after high temperature molding. If the product declines, the product will not be reflected after the production is completed. However, after a period of use, the product will gradually deform under the conflict of various environments, the rebound rate will drop, and the product will stick.

In the molding process of silica gel products, the adjustment of the machine table has a certain influence. Sometimes, during the vulcanization process, the staff will increase the production efficiency in order to increase the output, and the products that will reduce the vulcanization time out of the mold will appear soft. When the output is increased, Under the premise of reducing the time, the temperature must be increased to reach a certain balance rate. Otherwise, the product will suffer from various undesirable phenomena. However, if the production time is too long, the product will be too brittle and the tearing phenomenon will occur. It is recommended that the production process be appropriate. Control product time and cure temperature.

In the production process, in addition to the factors such as the machine platform, raw materials, man-made, environment and other factors, the toughness of the silicone products will not have quality problems. Therefore, the silicone product manufacturers control these factors in the production process, and the quality of the products is basically not There will be problems.