What is a Dough Whisk?

- May 11, 2018-

  Mixing dough can be quite a task. That is the main reason for the invention of the dough whisk. As a kitchen utensil that makes it much easier to mix the necessary ingredients to create dough, the use of a dough whisk will ensure that the mixture is thoroughly blended before the kneading process begins.

  Dough whisks are normally constructed with a sturdy wooden handle that is long enough to allow the user to maintain enough leverage so that the wet and dry ingredients can be blended together evenly and quickly. Unlike attempting to mix dough using the hands, the rounded stainless steel wires at the working end of the dough whisk work through the blending so that there are no lumps to deal with.

  Combining dough ingredients into a mixing bowl, the dough whisk can be used to blend the dry ingredients into the wet elements with ease, gradually thickening the mixture to the right consistency. Making dough using the dough whisk will take much less time, and will result in a solid mass that can easily be kneaded a couple of times and then set aside to rise.

  A dough whisk can also be used in mixing dough for biscuits as well as for loaves of bread. The spiral construction of the dough whisk will work the dough into a perfectly blended combination of flour, milk and shortening that can easily be flattened for cutting out the biscuits or rolling into biscuit forms by hand.

  Even cookie dough can be prepared quickly and easily with the dough whisk. From plain sugar cookie dough to mixtures of dough that are rich with chocolate chips or different types of nuts, the dough whisk will work in any dry ingredient so that the cookies come out with even amounts of chips, nuts, candied fruits or whatever other additives are required.

  Cleaning the dough whisk takes no time at all. The wooden handle is sealed with a layer of polyurethane, and is resistant to damage in the water. This means the dough whisk can either be washed in the sink or be placed in the dishwasher.

  Finding a dough whisk is easy. The whisks are sold in most kitchen shops and in the home and kitchen sections of many upscale department stores. Many models are priced for a budget, so just about anyone who makes bread regularly will find that owning a dough whisk is not much of a financial investment. However, even that modest cost will soon be paid for in the amount of time that the dough whisk cuts from the procedure for making just about any type of dough.