What is a filter?

- May 25, 2018-

  Filters, as the name suggests, are nets used to filter.

  Filters are mainly divided into metal filters and non-metal filters according to different materials. We will mainly talk about metal filters.

  Metal filters are mainly woven mesh, welded mesh, stamping mesh. The braided filter is the most widely used. Welded meshes and punching nets are mainly used for the support nets or outer protective nets of filter nets. The punching nets mentioned here mainly refer to punched nets and expanded nets. The braided filter is mainly divided into plain weave, diagonal weave, and dense weave (also known as mat) according to the size of the mesh and the form of weaving.

  The woven filter is based on different materials, including stainless steel filters, iron filters, aluminum filters, copper filters, and fiber filters. Among them, the stainless steel filter is most popular because of its excellent characteristics such as non-rust, acid and alkali resistance. For the purchase of stainless steel filter can be in roll shape, buy back to their own and then cut according to the requirements; can also let our manufacturers according to your requirements cut into a fixed size filter back to use directly.

  Rolled stainless steel filter is generally 1m * 30m, stainless steel 201,304,304 L, 316,316 L sales of the most, head 1 head -2800 mesh, the minimum filter accuracy of 3um. Normally, Quasi-sense filter products need to know the filter material, the filter mesh wire (for example, woven filter), the number of filter meshes or mesh size, the size of the filter and so on. If the plate-shaped stamping filter needs to know the material of the punching net or expanded mesh, the thickness of the plate, the size of the hole, and the punching net, it needs to know the pitch of the hole. If the expanded net, it needs to know the width of the stem, and then there is the appearance of the filter. size. If it is a complex shape, it is not easy to describe clearly and it is best to provide drawings or samples.