What is a Jar Opener?

- May 12, 2018-

  Many kitchens benefit from the presence of a jar opener. Essentially, a jar opener is kitchen device that helps to loosen the lids of jars so they can be opened with ease, often without the need to apply a great deal of strength to the task. Here are some examples of the different types of jar openers on the market today, and how they benefit many people.

  One of the most common problems in the modern kitchen is dealing with tight jar lids. In some cases, the jar lid may be simply vacuumed sealed to keep the contents fresh until they are opened by the consumer. In other cases, the issue is dealing with stuck jar lids. Having a jar opener can take a great deal of frustration out of the task of opening any type of jar that has a twist on lid.

  The most simplistic type of jar opener is simply a round piece of synthetic material, usually constructed of rubber or rubberized plastic. Generally, the texture of the material includes ridges or small cleats that help to grip the sides of the lid securely. This eliminates one of the problems associated with opening a tight lid, as the grips will not slip. By applying a strong grip and some muscle, it is possible to open the most stubborn jar.

  Of course, not everyone has a great deal of strength to apply to the task of opening jar lids. People with some sort of health issue may not possess the ability to grip and twist with enough pressure to open the seal on the lid. Fortunately, there is a jar opener that resembles a wrench. The mouth of the jar opener is placed around the sides of the lid and then closed to create a tight fit. Gripping the jar in one hand, the arms of the jar opener are gripped and turned with the opposite hand. Much less upper body strength is required to open stubborn jars with this type of jar opener. As a plus, the body is usually made of steel and is easy to clean.