What is a Mounted Bottle Opener?

- May 09, 2018-

  The mounted bottle opener is a simple device that is used to remove the caps from bottled soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and other types of bottled substances. Bottle openers of this type are secured to a wall or doorjamb, making the mounted opener easy to access and use at any time. It is possible to purchase mounted bottle openers that are very simplistic in design, or go with more decorative and elaborate types.

  A simple wall bottle opener is usually composed of a hard metal, such as cast iron or steel. The design of the basic bottle opener is essentially a short body that is secured to the wall using two screws. In the middle of the bottle is a rounded lip that allows the capped mouths of various types of bottles to be inserted. By lifting the body of the bottle in a downward fashion, the lip of the mounted bottle opener catches the edge of the cap and releases it from the mouth of the bottle. The contents of the bottle can be emptied into a glass or the beverage can be enjoyed directly from the bottle, as a good quality mounted opener does not damage the mouth of the bottle in any manner.

  While a wall mounted bottle opener often is nothing more than a short body and a lip for removing bottle caps, it is possible to obtain designs that are somewhat more elaborate. For example, it is possible to purchase a mounted bottle opener that includes an open chamber below the lip. When a bottle cap is removed, the cap falls into the chamber. A drawer or door allows access to the chamber from the front of the device. This makes it easy to remove the bottle caps for disposal from time to time.

  When it comes to the cost of a mounted bottle opener, there is a wide range of pricing based on the materials and design of the device. A basic bottle opener made from steel or cast iron will be relatively inexpensive. However, designer models of the opener, such as branded bottle openers that carry company or sports team logos will cost more. In addition, if the mounted bottle opener includes a chamber for catching the removed bottle caps, the price tag is likely to be somewhat higher.